Constitution and Culture: The Challenge of Constitutional Change in Turkey and Canada

Constitutions have had a profound impact on the law and public policy of nations. The Constitution is widely regarded as shaping important aspects of our collective identity and defining a set of shared values. Yet the process of constitution making can be complex as such documents attempt to define the principal characteristics of the nation around which attaining consensus from the people are not simple. How have the debates over the Constitution shaped our identities? In a secular democracy, what should be the main features of a comprehensive Constitution? What role does the Constitution play when it comes to the way in which the society is governed? What is the real impact of the Constitution on national minorities? What role should the Courts played in the interpretation of the Constitution? How does the Canadian and Turkish experience compare with other countries? Are there benefits to an unwritten constitution? These are amongst the questions we propose to address in the conference on constitution making in Canada and Turkey. Policy-makers, academics, researchers, activists, scholars, lawyers, judges and professionals from all disciplines are invited to submit a proposal to the conference organizing committee.

We invite submissions on the following topics

Constutution as a basis for arbitrating societal disputes;
Underlying principles behind Constitution-making
Ratification: the challenge of achieving consensus in Constitution-making
Constitutions and Citizens Rights and Responsabilities
History, traditions and cultural norms in Constitution-making
National legal framework and Constitution-making
Minorities: cultural pluralism and constitution-making
Influence of international law on constitutions
Intercultural influences and Constitution
Constitution-making and moral and religious values
Constutional education
Constitution and society: Conflict between living law and positive law
Universal legal texts and their impact on constitution-making